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Description Date Submitted By Link
Safety pics 1/16/15 DCC SAFETY PICTURES1.ppt
Test Burn- decking materials 11/24/2014 DCC DCC DECKING TEST BURN NOV 14.ppt
Make a Good Size Up 8/4/13 Tom Bartsch Make a good SIZE-UP-Tom Bartsch.ppt
Sprinkler Systems 3/27/13 Tom Bartsch Fire Sprinkler Systems.ppt
2012 LODD's-USFA 1/8/13 DCC 2012 US LODD Stats source-
Augmenting Standpipes 11/15/11 Tom Bartsch Augmenting Fire Standpipe Systems.ppt
Standpipe Systems 10/17/11 Tom Bartsch Fire Standpipe SystemsTBartsch.ppt
Haz mat Jeopardy 5/4/11 Tom Bartsch Hazardous Materials Jeopardy.ppt
"Rapid Intervention" Jeopardy 4/26/11 Tom Bartsch Rapid Intervention Jeopardy.ppt
Illinois Firefighter LODD report in PowerPoint (nicely done!!) 4/19/11 Arlington FD (NY) Training Bureau One Career Fire Fighter
Firefighter 1 Jeopardy 4/18/11 Scott Pike Jeopardy Firefighter 1 Final.ppt
Firefighter "Alphabet 1" Jeopardy " 4/18/11 Tom Bartsch Firefighter Alphbet Jeopardy.ppt
Firefighter "Alphabet 2" Jeopardy " 4/18/11 Tom Bartsch Firefighter Alphabet 2 Jeopardy.ppt
Firefighter "Alphabet 3" Jeopardy " 4/18/11 Tom Bartsch Firefighter Alphabet 3 Jeopardy.ppt
Firefighter "Alphabet 4" Jeopardy " 4/18/11 Tom Bartsch Firefighter Alphabet 4 Jeopardy.ppt
Large area search Powerpoint and Instructor manual (make sure you download both- they have separate  hyperlinks) 2/25/09 Tom Rielly Large Area Search power Point.ppt

Large Area Search Trainers Manual.doc

High Visibility vests; new OSHA reg 3/11/08 Ron Moore High Visibility vests
Chimney Fires 3/6/08 Bob Day Chimney Fires New.ppt
Controlling the Utilities 2/7/08 Mark Griffin, author unknown Controlling the Utilities.ppt
Air Management 12/12/07
Matt VanGiesen
Air Management
Creating A Tradition of Safety 10/3/07 Bob Day Creating a Tradition of Safety
Blood Borne Pathogens & the Fire Service 5/22/07 Jim McPadden Bloodborne Pathogens and the Fire Service
Jeopardy template that uses multiple choice questions. Fill in your own questions/answers and use as a great training tool. "Regular" Jeopardy is available below.   DCC Jeopardy template-Multiple- Choice questions
Great documentary of a very close call involving a flashover (version II) 5/22/07 Dennis Kroh WearYourGear II.ppt
NFPA 13 R; Who, What & How   Justin Bohlmann NFPA13R
"Jeopardy" template (built in Powerpoint). Use this template to create your own Jeopardy games in any topic you want. It was "built" by Tim Riecker from the NYS Emergency Management Office and is easily modified.   DCC Jeopardy template
FAST Rescue pack   Rick Andersen FAST Rescue Pack
30 Second Powerpoint timer; use for short class exercises or activities   DCC 30 SECOND TIMER
1 Min Powerpoint activity timer   DCC 1MIN_TIMER
5 min. Powerpoint activity timer   DCC TIMER5MINSACTIVITY.ppt
10 min. Powerpoint activity timer   DCC TIMER10MINSACTIVITY.ppt
10 Min. "break" timer for class breaks   DCC TIMER10MINS.ppt
15 Min Powerpoint timer for activities or breaks   DCC TIMER15MINS.pps
20 Min. activity Powerpoint timer   DCC TIMER20MINSACTIVITY.ppt
haz mat 8/31/11   Chapter 24.ppt
haz mat 8/31/11   Chapter 25.ppt
haz mat 8/31/11   Chapter 26.ppt
haz mat 8/31/11   Chapter 27.ppt
haz mat 8/31/11   Chapter 28.ppt
haz mat 8/31/11   Chapter 29.ppt
Haz mat 8/31/11   Chapter 30.ppt


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