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DCC Fire Science courses


FIR 100 Fire Science Introductory seminar

FIR 102 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention

FIR 104 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention

FIR 204 Fire Protection Systems

FIR 214 Legal Aspects of Fire & Emergency Services

FIR 222 Fire and Safety Administration



FIR 100 Fire Science Introductory seminar

FIR 110 Fire Behavior & Combustion

FIR 112 Principles of Firefighter & Emg. Services Safety & Survival

FIR 114 Building Construction for Fire Protection

FIR 212 Hydraulics and Water Supply

FIR 224 Strategy & Tactics

All are three (3) credit courses except FIR 100 which is a 1 credit course.



FASNY Higher Education Learning Plan (HELP) is an incentive for people to serve in New York's volunteer fire service. It provides for tuition reimbursement for volunteer firefighters.   Info/applications forms are posted at http://www.fasny.com/



Welcome!  Whether you're visiting this site as a current Fire Science student, future student,  firefighter or just looking for information feel free to look at the resources we have compiled on this website.    

Please browse around our site and let us know what you think -- it's how we learn.

DCC Fire Science Program Course Origin: All DCC Fire Science courses come directly from the "Fire - Emergency Service Higher Education" committee's  report  (FESHE) as established by the National Fire Academy. They detail courses and "Learning Outcomes" for each course.

Fire Science degrees

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AAS-Fire Protection Technology

AS-Fire & Occupational Safety

Attend part time or full time; take a single course or take multiple courses. Do whatever works for you.

Common Question: Are NYS OFPC courses I have completed eligible for any college credit at DCC? The answer is "it depends". Get the answer and list of applicable courses by clicking this button:ANSWER

Program Chairperson: Dave Walsh

  Phone: 845-431-8318
Office: W320

53 Pendell Rd,

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


This test burn  was conducted as follows:
1) Three 16' 2x4 trusses, 2' on center
2) 5/8" plywood
3) 300 lbs of weight on roof (10% of  capability as required by code)
4) Fireload= hay & pallets
5) Total collapse at 5 mins after ignition
To watch video of test burn click on "Free Fire Training Resources" hyperlink on upper left of this page. Then click on click on "Videos" and then "Trusses". left click on the video hyperlink you want to watch. Or right click on the hyperlink to download/save it.

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