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Wellness and Fitness Education

“Mrs. Sweet is a lot of fun, she’s very easy going and relates really well to the class and students”

“Mrs. Sweet is very enthusiastic and encouraging to all her students”

“She was great!”

“We all get to speak and are respected by the instructor”

“She always keeps the class involved and makes us feel very comfortable.  She is very charismatic and always has a smile on her face which results in a beautiful learning experience”

“I greatly appreciated how organized the class was and it has helped me plan better as well as succeed in it the course”

Wellness and Fitness Education Online Lecture

“Very pleasant and realistic in the goals she set for the course”

“We had a great class and Tara made it a lot of fun and not too intimidating for those of us totally out of shape!”

“Class was good. Would definitely recommended Tara Sweet to other students. She is very fair and has a fun way of teaching the class.”

Exercise Science and Wellness Program

“Tara is a great teacher and I wish I had her for more than one class.”

“Tara Sweet is an easy-going, well-rounded teacher.  She truly cares for her students as well as her teaching methods.”

“Tara Sweet is always organized and on top of her criteria.  She presents her work with confidence.”

“She can help anyone who wants to learn 

“In my two years at DCC I have met many teachers.  Tara truly elicits what DCC stands for, dedication and integrity.  Even being in the field as long as I have Tara has introduced new information to me and cleared up some old fallacies.”

“I hope she stays here at DCC, she is a great mentor.  I think future students taking this program would enjoy her.  We all loved her”

“Tara Sweet is highly competent in and very enthusiastic about her field.  Her classes are always interesting and appropriate.”

“I could not be more satisfied with Tara.  She is very approachable, very knowledgeable, very competent.”

"She smiles a lot and is enthusiastic about the program and material."


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