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Course Outline 

Week 1

Endocrine System

Endocrine Laboratory

Week 2


Arteries  visible human 

Week 3

Exam 1, Heart Anatomy

Heart Anatomy and  Blood visible human 

Week 4

Heart Physiology

 Veins  visible human 

Week 5

Cardiovascular Physiology

Cardiovascular Physiology

Week 6

Exam 2, Digestive System

Frog Heart Lab

Week 7

Digestive Physiology

Laboratory Practical 1

Week 8


Digestive Anatomy visible human

Week 9

Exam 3, Respiratory System

Digestive Physiology

Week 10

Respiratory Physiology & Kidney

Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology  visible human

Week 11

Renal Physiology

Urinary and Reproductive Anatomy visible human

Week 12

Fluid and Electrolyte Balance 

Urinary Physiology

Week 13

Exam 4, Male Reproduction

Development 1

Week 14

Female Reproduction

Development 2

Week 15

Comprehensive Final Exam 
and Exam 5

Laboratory Practical 2



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