Matt Finley

Adjunct Lecturer of Computer Information Systems and Music at Dutchess Community College

Assignments will require you to use computer facilities outside of class time. I will make every effort to accommodate those who wish to use a computer off-campus, whenever technically possible. Each assignment must be attempted for you to obtain a satisfactory grade in my course. Turn in whatever you have as of the due date. Occasional computer malfunctions are not a reason for late assignments.

If you wish to write a note to me to call attention to features or problems in your assignment, please do so on the first page. Each assignment must be secured in a folder that has your name, class, and section number clearly marked on the front of the folder. Hand in your assignment to me, or if I am not available, hand it to one of the CIS Lab Assistants. Follow all directions with care. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, readability, style, creativity, and logic will all be considered. I will make every effort to grade and return assignments within five days.

Academic dishonesty may result in a failing grade for the assignment or for the course. Students should limit the amount of help they receive on assignments. Assignments and due dates may be adjusted and/or individualized as necessary.

Regular attendance in my class is essential for you to succeed on exams and assignments, to contribute your ideas during class discussions, and ask appropriate questions. I believe that college students are responsible adults. There are legitimate reasons to miss a class, and I do not require an explanation for any absence; however, I will be happy to listen if you think it is important for me to know the reason.

I am more interested in ensuring your success. If you miss a class, first obtain the notes and then see me before the next class if you need clarification. If you miss an exam, you must call, e-mail or see me to reschedule before I review the exam, which I do normally at the next class.

Most of my exams require you to bring a #2 pencil. Exams are closed book unless specifically noted. You are responsible for all material covered in class, computer lab, and assigned reading. Some of my exams are what I call "open everything except your neighbor", where you may use any non-human resource as long as you take the exam within the required time.

I highly recommend that you find a partner who will take notes for you if you miss a class. My students report even better success when they form small study groups to review notes and study for exams together. The College offers outstanding help in both the Study Skills Office and the Writing Center, in addition to our own CIS Lab Assistants. SUNY recommends that you plan to devote at least two hours of outside work for each hour you spend in class. If you are having any difficulty, always contact me early, before problems get too large.

Last Update: January 21, 2009