Matt Finley

Adjunct Lecturer of Computer Information Systems and Music at Dutchess Community College


Fall 2007 will be the first time CIS 211 is taught in full on PC-based COBOL.  Should be interesting.


October 2006: "The end of an era" was the way our CIS Lab Assistant Gary Fidler put it: the death of the P390 mainframe emulator.  25 years of my work was destroyed, with all my assignments, data and tutorials for all the CIS courses.  The two RAID drives failed within weeks of each other, the second during the rebuild, taking everything with it.  This little wrinkle has made teaching CIS 211 this semester all the more fun.  We are converting to PC-based solutions, using Fujitsu COBOL and Microsoft Access for SQL.  I've always taught my students that, in the information systems field, you need to be prepared to come to work tomorrow and find everything is changed!

I have released a jazz CD for Kingsmill Music entitled Brazilian WishCheck CDBABY.COM for details.


I served DCC as Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in spring 2005 on a consulting basis.  I taught CIS 211 during the fall 2005 semester.  


I taught CIS 211 during the fall 2005 semester. 


I taught CIS 123 during the spring 2005 semester. I taught CIS 211 during the fall 2005 semester. 


I have retired from full-time employment, effective September 1, 2002, after 20 years of service to DCC as professor and dean.  I hold emeritus status as Associate Dean.  Full bio details may be found by clicking on the Biography link above. 

Although I check my college e-mail daily, I will no longer be on campus regularly.  If you need to reach me, please see Gary Fidler or Manny Sairitupa in CBI 204.  If you have academic questions about CIS, please see Dr. Frank Whittle in CBI 204.  

I taught both the day and evening sections of CIS 211 in Fall 2002. 

1998 - 2002

While serving as associate dean and acting dean, I taught all evening sections of CIS 211 from 1998 on.  I was also the Director of the DCC Jazz Ensemble, a music course, for Fall 2002.  

1982 - 1992

From 1982 through 1992, I was Associate Professor of CIS and taught a wide range of CIS, CPS and Music courses.

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