Matt Finley

Adjunct Lecturer of Computer Information Systems and Music at Dutchess Community College


CIS 211    File Organization                  Dean Finley     Fall 2007

Course description: A course designed to present the advanced features of the curriculum's programming language comprising programming and systems features of direct access storage devices and relational databases. Principles of file maintenance, system utilities, and structured programming techniques will be studied and implemented. Programming activities include application of these techniques to business-oriented problem situations. Normally scheduled every Fall.  Prerequisite: CIS 123 with a grade of C or better.            

Classes are scheduled this semester for 8/30 - 12/13


 WEEK            TOPIC                                                                                        COMMENTS

 _______          ________                                                                                      ____________


   1.       Sequential disk files & JCL (Stern 13).                                 Update program #1.

   2.       External subroutines (Stern 16).                                           Review quiz.

   3.       Disk storage and access methods (Stern 14,15).

   4.       ISAM

   5.       VSAM files and KSDS data sets.                                         Exam #1. Pgm. 1 due

   6.       VSAM. Use of status codes.                                                VSAM program #2.

   7.       IDCAMS in DOS/VSE JCL. 

   8.       Variable length records (VLR)                                              Exam #2.

   9.       Alternate indexes (AIX).                                                      VLR program #3.

   10.     Computer science data structures.

   11.     Relational databases.                                                            Exam #3.  Pgm. 2 due

   12.     SQL syntax (SQL in 10 Minutes - optional).                          SQL exercises.

   13.     SQL commands.                                                                  SQL program #4.

   14.     Embedded SQL.                                                                  Pgm. 3 due

   15.     Database Design.                                                                 Exam #4.  Pgm. 4 due 




            Details for all assignments and other notices are available on the course website,   




            Three Exams               45%     quizzes will be calculated if they improve the grade

Last Exam                   25%

            Assignments                30%  - may raise final grade by one whole letter grade max




            Reference textbooks: Stern & Stern.  The Lowe book will not be used in 2007

            Highly recommended: Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes (Sams Publishing)

            A study guide will be provided and is required for regular class use.

            Other material for reading and exercises will be provided.




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