Chemistry Laboratory Make-up Policy and Procedure


Whenever possible, the laboratory experiments for each chemistry course are scheduled to coincide with topics covered and discussed in lecture.  The completion of all laboratory experiments is required for a passing grade in a chemistry course!  You will receive a grade of F for the course if you do not complete all the labs!


1.     Lab make-ups are allowed only with significant extenuating circumstances – for example, a documented illness.


2.     Make-ups must be scheduled within two weeks of the date of the original missed lab period.  Requests for lab make-ups after that will only be honored in cases of severe and proven conditions that prevented the timely make-up.


3.     Permission is required from the student’s regular lab instructor, and the lab instructor of the period planned for the make-up.  If these are not available, the permission of the lab supervisor or night lab assistant may be obtained.


4.     A make-up scheduling card must be filled out and given to the lab assistant at least two days in advance of the day you plan to make up the lab.  Students missing a scheduled make-up without calling to cancel may be denied the right to reschedule (845-431-8542 or 431-8539).


5.     Select a time to make-up the missed lab only from the times available on the schedule posted on the laboratory or stockroom door and here.  Note:  Instructors may refuse to allow a lab make-up during their lab period.  Check with the teaching lab assistants.


6.     The Lab Staff reserves the right to hold each student to the established limit of one lab make-up per semester.


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